Health Coach

Health coaching encompasses five principal roles:

1) Providing self-management support

2) Bridging the gap between clinician and patient

3) Helping patients navigate the health care system

4) Offering emotional support and;

5) Serving as a continuity figure. 

Primary care clinicians struggling to fit multiple agenda items into the 15-minute visit cannot meet every need of their patients with chronic conditions.   Half of the patients leave primary care visits not understanding what their doctor told them.  Though shared decision-making is associated with improved outcomes, only 9 percent of patients participate in decisions.   Average adherence rates for prescribed medications are about 50 percent, and for lifestyle changes, they are below 10 percent.

At Elite Health Care and Wellness Services, we offer customized health coaching. Our Health Coach program is designed to help you achieve your goals using time-tested, proven methods. This program can include following a specific diet plan; taking a particular type of exercise routine; performing specific activities to improve your overall health; or doing both.

Our Health Coach service can also help you monitor and maintain healthy habits so that it becomes effortless. Our Health Coach will provide encouragement, guidance, and motivation, allowing you to build a healthy lifestyle that can be maintained over the long haul.