Couples And Marriage Counseling

Couples and Marriage Counseling help improve communication and trust.  Marriage problems come in all shapes and sizes; they range from feeling a little stuck or stale in the relationship and wanting to tune things up, to more intensive problems that may be threatening the marriage. The most common reasons that couples consider marriage counseling are: infidelity, alcohol and drug abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, mental health problems, constant arguing, sexual difficulties, not agreeing over family finances, working too much, division of household chores, blended family issues, chronic health problems, poor communication skills, and loss of romantic feelings.

We offer customized marriage counseling services at Elite Health Care and Wellness Services. We will work with you individually or as a couple to help you overcome any issues that may be causing your relationship to deteriorate.

Our counseling services can assist you in building a more positive and rewarding relationship. This service can help you resolve the factors that have caused your relationship with your spouse to become stressful and dysfunctional.